Sort of a recap

Well folks the last two weeks I have just been off. Two weeks ago I had to go to a meeting in DC for a few days. I got to run one day while I was there; the trip coming is a story in and of itself, lets just say it what started out as a one hour flight eventually took me nine hours to finally get home. Which leads me to the first part of the running recap; since it took me all day to get home on Saturday June 4th, that put me behind on all the things I had to do that day. Like a massage for one! But I was going to work on two papers I had due on Sunday (I’m working on my doctorate degree) and my plan was to work on those most of the day Saturday. The Genesis Run Group had it’s Hope Run on Sunday, June 5th; that is when the new runners run for the first time for 20 minutes and the advanced group (me) run for 50 minutes.  Well, since I did not get to finish my homework I had to spend all day working on my papers, so I didn’t get to go to the Hope Run, I had to focus on my work; and even doing that I still only  got one completed. I had to email the professor and tell her what happened and I was able to turn the other one in the next day, yeah!

Monday I worked on finishing my paper after work so I don’t get my run in that day. And I think that set the tone for the rest of the week. I had to work late on Wednesday and was just done and talked myself out of going, the next day I was giving a friend’s daughter a driving lesson by Friday I was just done. I had not run all week and I thought, “well our regular running group meeting is on Saturday I’ll just start again then”. Honestly I was so tired, I had very little energy I really just wanted to sleep. I had been like that all week it was like I could not get enough sleep, I was exhausted. Saturday comes, and to my dismay, I was awake at 6:15 in the morning! 😭  And I started at that moment trying to talk myself out of going to the running group. You know, I have to do my grandmother’s grocery shopping, laundry, and cleaning, (all true) and I could get an early start before it got too hot. And I kept doing this for almost an hour until finally I just got out of bed and remembered why I got back into this group in the first place, got dressed and went to meet the group. I was a little late when I got there John (the coach) had already started going over a few things. He was discussing heart rates and what was a good range to try to maintain. Well, this was a good thing to know! I had no idea about this and I also learned why I had been have a few problems in the recent weeks. My heart was too high and I wasn’t slowing down enough to to allow it to drop. My target heart rate should be about 132, I had no clue. My heart rate had been going up to as high as 180! Whew! No wonder I was having issues..duh! So I’m so glad I went. Saturday’s run for the advanced group was 45 minutes out and back; I had my two running mates Rich and Chris with me, which made such a better run, the time flew by. It’s interesting once I realized what my target HR was it was difficult to stay within that range.

Here’s my average HR for Saturday’s run; which wasn’t too bad. It would fluctuated a little higher at times but I adjusted accordingly.

I felt pretty good when we were done and I was so glad I got myself out of bed went to the group. It was going to be one of the hottest days so far and we were done before it got too hot.


Hopefully, I will make this a better week. Rich also goes to the Tuesday training group and asked me to go to that; I had never even thought about doing that one. So if I don’t have a late client I will go. It may make those intervals go much faster!

So until next time~~~Happy running…Easy Start..Strong Finish…🏃🏾


Author: Tammi Lewis

I was born and raised in WV. I live in Charleston, WV. I graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Charleston and from Marshall University Graduate College with my Master’s Degree. I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor. I have been in the field of mental health and substance abuse for about 26 years. I started running about two years ago by beginning a running program to help me prepare for my first 5k. I had wanted to run a 5k for years but never got around to doing it. Two years ago there was an event that happened which sent me on an emotional rollercoaster; starting this program was a way to get off that rollercoaster. Once I finished that first 5k I got the running bug and haven't stopped running since.

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