Rest day…yoga day…

After three straight days of running ending with a long run yesterday…I rested today. As I said in my last post I was a little disappointed in my long run. I had gone for about just a little over an hour and had only run about 4.53 miles. So I contacted Matt, the Genesis Coach, and he told me not to worry about the miles; this is the worst time to of year to be out and to consider it an accomplishment to be out there doing the time. 🙂 He told me not to focus on the miles and to focus spending time on my feet because it will add to my endurance. I felt much better about that..focus on time not new mantra for now. #halfmarathontraining

Anyway, my legs were sore today I had already signed up for a yoga class earlier this week for today; so I was looking forward to it. My left side was particularly pulling to the point that I was limping a little. Not sure if I did something during one of the runs this week. I went to the class at the The Folded Leaf it is free on Sunday, a great way to check it out. The instructor was very nice and I knew a couple people there as well. I have never been to a yoga class so I wondered how I would do; turns out I did just fine. I only had trouble with a few of the poses but the stretches did wonders for my back, legs and hips especially on my left side. I also was able to “center” if you will. Stay present and focus on what was going on. I felt much better when we were done. I’m glad I went.

BTW, Matt is doing a Genesis half-marathon training program starting on August 28th, I got the email today. I guess I should consider signing up huh? We’ll see cost is factor 🙂

Until next time…


Author: Tammi Lewis

I was born and raised in WV. I live in Charleston, WV. I graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Charleston and from Marshall University Graduate College with my Master’s Degree. I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor. I have been in the field of mental health and substance abuse for about 26 years. I started running about two years ago by beginning a running program to help me prepare for my first 5k. I had wanted to run a 5k for years but never got around to doing it. Two years ago there was an event that happened which sent me on an emotional rollercoaster; starting this program was a way to get off that rollercoaster. Once I finished that first 5k I got the running bug and haven't stopped running since.

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