Around The Track 2 Miles

I haven’t heard from my trainer I’m assuming he is still dealing with his family; I sent him a text today to let him know I was ready to start again when he was ready. So I decided to do another light run (jog). I almost talked myself out of  it but it was unusually nice on this February day mid 70’s, and I did bring my clothes to change into so why not just go.

I brought my patella band this time, when I went out on Saturday my knee did hurt a little when I was finished. This time I took it a little easier than on Saturday, I slowed down. I went to the school near my house and ran around the track it was flat and close by on my way home from work. After a brisk walk for a few minutes for a warm up, I started a slow jog. I could feel myself tense up it was almost like I was scared to put pressure on my leg and mentally I couldn’t shake it off. My left ankle was tight too so of course it went all the way up my leg. After I went around the track a few times I started to loosen up a bit, I guess that meant I started to relax, focus and become more present to what I was doing.

I was doing the run/walk method during this two miles like I did on Saturday but tonight it was more deliberate. It is interesting after my Saturday run I saw an article online in Runner’s World about this method and how effective it can be you can read it here.

Towards the end of the run about 1.78 miles I decided to take the band off my knee just to see what would happen. I was limping just a little but I can’t say that I was hurting. So when I ran the last few parts of the run it didn’t really hurt per se, but I know right now I don’t think I could go for much longer, at least not right now. Still have some work to do.



Author: Tammi Lewis

I was born and raised in WV. I live in Charleston, WV. I graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Charleston and from Marshall University Graduate College with my Master’s Degree. I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor. I have been in the field of mental health and substance abuse for about 26 years. I started running about two years ago by beginning a running program to help me prepare for my first 5k. I had wanted to run a 5k for years but never got around to doing it. Two years ago there was an event that happened which sent me on an emotional rollercoaster; starting this program was a way to get off that rollercoaster. Once I finished that first 5k I got the running bug and haven't stopped running since.

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