The Long Road Back

My physical therapy continues Mark, my therapist told me I am making improvements but as far as running is concerned, well it’s going to be awhile before I will be able to do that again; then I’m going to have to take really slow, almost as if I were starting all over again. I have some problems with my L4 and L5 which is affecting my sciatica in addition to the other issues I mentioned in my previous posts 🤕. I have to be patient about the healing process. Mark told me today I was high strung HA!! And that was part of my problem the tension of being an overachieving, Type A personality means I tense up my body and my neck and back pay for it. Apparently when I was running I was tense, that pressure caused some bulging on a disk or two affecting my left side. Then I stopped putting any type of pressure on that side only worsening the problem. I had no idea this was going on. The therapy is helping but yesterday I was at work talking with a client and out of no where a sharp pain from my lower left part of back shot all the way down my leg. I couldn’t sit or stand or hide that fact that I was in pain from my client. She looked at me said I looked flushed. I told her I was okay so I could finish the session but as soon as she walked out the door I called Mike, he said it sounded like it was coming from my back and told me some quick stretches to do to ease the pain. I couldn’t wait to get home! I was toast I was in bed super early last night I was done.

I felt better today; Mark gave me a good work out today and massaged the left side of my back. It was really tight and putting pressure down my leg. It’s amazing how our body is connected and works together. Now its ice and heat for the rest of the evening, continue doing the stretches until my next appointment. I’m totally bummed it’s going to take longer than I originally thought to get back to running 😭  but it’s all for the best.


Author: Tammi Lewis

I was born and raised in WV. I live in Charleston, WV. I graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Charleston and from Marshall University Graduate College with my Master’s Degree. I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor. I have been in the field of mental health and substance abuse for about 26 years. I started running about two years ago by beginning a running program to help me prepare for my first 5k. I had wanted to run a 5k for years but never got around to doing it. Two years ago there was an event that happened which sent me on an emotional rollercoaster; starting this program was a way to get off that rollercoaster. Once I finished that first 5k I got the running bug and haven't stopped running since.

5 thoughts on “The Long Road Back”

  1. Hey, You and I have EXACTLY the same thing going on so I totally understand.Mine is also l4 l 5 and s1. I’m off running too and its killing me!!! Swimming (front not breast stroke) helps me also a mad contraption called an oesteomat😊 Hope your recovery comes soon

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    1. I know right!! So what’s an oesteomat? I don’t swim so that’s out for me 😁 A friend of mine is going to VA beach this morning to do the Shamrock Half this weekend, so jealous! Do you know long you will be out from running?

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      1. Not sure yet, might do a cheeky few k next week 😊 I have myself convinced it’s better for me to have pain/happy head rather than less pain/mad noggin😊 The mat is like a bed of nails that works like acupuncture. Well worth the 30 euro I paid, just need to use it!

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  2. I am so sorry to hear you’re completely out of commission for a while! I’ve been grounded from running for up to 5 months in the past and I understand exactly how you feel. You’re dealing with it in a positive way though. I moped and sulked and sometimes cried when I saw other runners. I hope you heal quickly and thoroughly. 🙂

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    1. Thanks! It’s a bummer but I do believe positivity helps the healing process. I had my moment of course that’s necessary now time to move forward. I saw the Bruce Lee story and watched how he came back from his back injury…anything is possible. Watching stuff like that keeps me motivated. Live Long and Prosper 😉


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