Cataracts, an EMG, and a Loss

The last two days have been a bit stressful, to say the least. I’ll start with yesterday and work my back. My grandmother had a scheduled appointment to have the first of her cataracts surgeries yesterday so it had been on my calendar for a couple of months. She had to be at the hospital at 7 am; I choose an early appointment because she would have to go back later that evening for her follow up since the appointment was on a Friday. Now being there at 7 didn’t mean being seen at 7..oh no. We got her checked in, honestly, we didn’t have to wait too long before she was taken back to begin being prepped. The staff at the hospital was great from the woman who checked her in, the nurse who took her back, the nurses who worked with her to get her prepped, everyone was good to her. I stayed as long as I was allowed to and then I was given a beeper like you would be given if you were waiting on a table at a restaurant and sent to back to the waiting room. When she was back in recovery that would be beep to let me know I could come back. The surgery would take about 15-20 minutes. So I went to the waiting room, checked my classroom for my Qualitative Research course that just started and got caught up on posts while I waited. Before I knew I was beeping and she was finished I went back there she was on the bed with the blue surgery hat on and a clear patch on her right, obviously not in her right mind 😂 I would post the picture I sent to my uncle but I that would just be wrong..HA!!! Anyway, we were given her instructions and told she has to come back to the Dr.’s office at 4:45 that afternoon so the doctor could check her. So we went to breakfast at Bob Evans.

In the meantime, the previous day I had received a call from my neurologist regarding the referral for the EMG. Since I had taken the day off for my grandmother’s appointment I thought it would be easy; I would just schedule it for Friday afternoon. I told her to tentatively schedule the appointment for Friday afternoon if I didn’t think I could make it I would call them. Well, I didn’t think I would have to take my grandmother back to the doctor later that afternoon. So I called and we scheduled the appointment for  1 pm and that would give me enough time to take my grandmother home, leave go to my appointment, go back and get my grandmother to be sure she would make it to her follow-up appointment. Can I have a clone, please?

I get to my neurologist and I have to say by this time for some reason, I am in quite a bit of pain that only became increasingly worse throughout the day, it hasn’t been this bad for some time. I’ve never heard of an EMG before so I had a lot of questions about what is was and what it entailed. Okay, now, can I just say OUCH!! Those shocks hurt! I was like REALLY DUDE! Then he says to me the shocks are over; I was laying down so I wasn’t looking at him. Then thing I feel is a big stick I can’t really tell you what I said to him (that would not be appropriate). I said: “I thought you were done shocking me?” He said, “I did this is a needle”. When I looked I was like that a big fraekin honestly that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I was hurting. I don’t even have a problem with needs but I was just not in the mood. When it was all over he said he thinks I may have a small pinched nerve (yet another diagnosis, geeze). But that does not explain the pain that I’m having, which he could see I was in at the time. So he ordered another MRI this time of my hip and physical therapy. My only issue with having another MRI is I will have to take my belly button ring out again, and it hard to get back in the last time..oh well. 😉 I can check with the physical therapist to see if should still do yoga at the same time. Right now I can barely move let alone get into downward dog pose.  So that was my appointment. Now I was off to get my grandmother to take her back to the doctor.

I get back to her house, she had taken a nap, we both had gotten up early, of course, she is 93 so she was tired. She was ready to go sitting in her chair with the glasses on they gave her looking like Ray Charles. It was hilarious. I had to take a few minutes because I was in quite a bit of pain but pulled it together to get her into the car. We get to the doctor’s office and it was like walking into a Ray Charles look-a-like contest, everyone from that morning at the hospital was at the office waiting to be seen in their glasses. The doctor was running behind a little so there was somewhat of a wait but once he got there he was on it. She was good, no swelling, she said she wanted a banana split. So I got her one and something solid to eat too. I took her home got her settled, when I left she was sitting in her chair eating her banana split, she was fine. I, on the other hand, was hurting so bad I could barely stand. I left her house stopped by the store got me something to eat, came home to my heating pad and gravity reclining chair and that’s where I was the rest of the evening.

I didn’t sleep well at all. I couldn’t get into a position that I wasn’t hurting. So about 5 this morning I gave up (should have done earlier) came downstairs to the recliner and heating pad and managed two solid hours of sleep. I’m still in the chair now as I write this post. But this time I gave in and took an Aleve. I haven’t taken anything so far for this but this time I need relief from the pain, which I would think is inflammation. So today, I think I’m going to be in the house. It’s supposed to rain today so at least it’s not a nice sunny day out.

Like I said when I started this post the last two days have been stressful. Thursday morning just before I was about to do my first group of the day, I received a call from my former manager where I worked prior to my current job. She told me one of my former clients, a woman who had done really well, had died. I was devastated, I lost it. She was 23 years old, I was with her when she had her first baby. Even after 26 years of working in this field (substance abuse) that call never gets any easier. I tried to pull it together before the group started but I couldn’t; so like a good therapist I just used it. They cold tell something was wrong so I told them what happened, no names of course. And then proceeded to use it as a therapeutic tool for them. They will talk about people they know who have died or overdosed, and it’s as if they are talking about a stranger, no emotional connection at all. They could see I was visibly upset about this loss. Sometimes I believe my clients think this is just a job for me and they don’t take this as seriously as they need to, and they don’t really understand they’re lives are at stake. I understand I am powerless as to whether or not someone stays sober, relapse or dies but that does not make that call any easier. Her funeral is today, I typically don’t go to those primarily for confidentially. Sometimes I will slip in the back and if someone asks me who I am I will usually say I’m a “friend of the family”. Today the question as to whether or not I’m going is resolved since I’m not mobile.

That’s been the last two days. My apologies for the length of this post there was a lot to get out. Not sure when the MRI will be we have to wait on the pre-authorization. I will be contacting Mark the physical therapist that I worked with previously to start that next week.

Oh, I also decided to go the Greenbrier Half-Marathon on the 20th. I can’t get a refund on the registration, which wasn’t inexpensive even at the early registration price. I’ve already paid for the brunch and my shirt. I’ll let my issue with having to earn it before I wear it go. And there’s a possibility that I may get to stay at the Greenbrier. My friend Barabra is working on that. With all this going on I’m grateful to her for doing that and even if I don’t get to stay there the brunch will be nice. Also, I know several people running in both the 10k and half-marathon so I can cheer them on; it will be cool to be around the running community again. Let’s hope I’m mobile.

That’s the update…


Author: Tammi Lewis

I was born and raised in WV. I live in Charleston, WV. I graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Charleston and from Marshall University Graduate College with my Master’s Degree. I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor. I have been in the field of mental health and substance abuse for about 26 years. I started running about two years ago by beginning a running program to help me prepare for my first 5k. I had wanted to run a 5k for years but never got around to doing it. Two years ago there was an event that happened which sent me on an emotional rollercoaster; starting this program was a way to get off that rollercoaster. Once I finished that first 5k I got the running bug and haven't stopped running since.

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