Salvage Title–My Car

I saw this post on The Loop, the Runner’s World Blog. The original writer (Brian92) asked the question what kind of car you would be if runners were cars? He called it “The Loop Salvage Game” So I thought I would post mine here as well. I went to as per the rules (see below) and the very first car that I saw I knew it was me! It was a 1968 Triumph TR250.

Thumbnail 1

The name of this car completely describes my running journey. Even though in my last post I wrote about my first “race” being in 2004; I officially started running in 2015. But even that 2004 race was about being triumphant. Since I’ve been running it has been about getting through one challenge after another. Finishing the Genesis running program towards my first 5k, then working on a 5k PR, next taking on the challenge of my first half-marathon and overcoming self-doubt and injuries. That was one my biggest triumphant moments in my life completing that half-marathon. This car doesn’t only represent my running journey but my life journey as well. I think it is the best description of me as a runner if cars were runners.

So what’s your car?

  1. Go to
  2. The car has to have been produced the year you were born.
  3. You have to have a reason this car is like you as a runner.


I started this blog in April 2015 to journal my way through a running program to completing my first 5k, and also as a way to hold myself accountable to be sure I completed the program. I had no idea if anyone would actually read it. There are so many blogs about running as I’ve discovered. I also didn’t know if I was that good at writing to tell you the truth; it was mostly my random thoughts about my experience through the Genesis Running Program to see if I could actually complete that first 5k. As I wrote each post I was surprised to find there were people who were actually reading this blog and were interested in what I had to say. This helped with the accountability of completing the program. And I also found out what how supportive the running community is both virtually and in real life. The support and encouragement I found through this blog from all those who followed it was incredible. Matt the coach from the Genesis Program uses the post Remembering The Why as part of the week 5 message for the runners in the program now. That’s so cool and such and honor that a program that inspired me so much I am now part of that.

I found the same motivation and inspiration when I started training for my first half-marathon also through the Genesis Program. The bloggers here were also very supportive and followed my journey through that as well. Now with my injury, the support has also been there as well as good advice. I do my best to stay positive here, who wants to read negative drama 😀

So thank you to all of you who read and followed this blog and have been supportive of my journies and stories.

Thank you

Who Inspires You?

That was a question I asked my groups this week at work. Actually, I asked who their role models/heroes were in an attempt to get them to see and understand there are many examples of people who have overcome challenges and they could apply that to their sobriety. Of course, there is always a method to my madness, this exercise also helps to keep them from being a perpetual victim to addiction and their circumstances, at least in theory that what was the goal.

I started the exercise by giving examples of people who have and do inspire me. It’s changed over the years and circumstances. I read a lot of inspirational things; the blogs that a follow are full of inspirational people who are challenging themselves to go the next level. I’ve read books about people who have overcome addiction by using running such as David Clark. He was addicted to drugs/alcohol and food now he’s an ultra marthaon runner. If you have not read his story I highly recommend. The people who complete the Genesis Running Program the program that got me started running are some of the most inspirational people you could ever meet. Barbara who I met through Genesis has become a mentor/friend, and btw finished third in her class at the Greenbrier Half-Marathon yesterday..go, Barbara! Has become one of my running role models.

Anyway, as I did this exercise with my groups last week I was amazed how many (just about all of them) had not given any thought to who their role models were and honestly most gave answers they thought I wanted to hear. One person, in particular, said there was no one who was a role model to her, no one who inspired her. No one on the planet earth. Yes, I asked that question. I didn’t entertain it because I knew what was going on, and it’s not just with my groups. I’m seeing it a lot all over the place…this need to be a constant victim. If she had identified a role model it meant there was a possibility she could overcome whatever it was she is going through as well. No more excuses. Will be difficult to get through it? Of course, is necessary to make the changes to get through it? Yes. Anyone we admire will tell you their accomplishments didn’t come easy.

We as humans are not all the unique if we are really honest about it. If I had a dime for every time I heard “you don’t know me” seriously I would be sitting pretty. Our problems are about the same, they may come wrapped differently but basically, they are the same. Even with my current issue, I know someone has had this issue and gotten through it as I’m sure I will. Although I will admit I’ve been very frustrated by it I won’t lie. And I’ve been in sort of a space the last few weeks, the trick is not to stay there and get stuck. Yesterday was not a good day I really wanted to be at that race. But I couldn’t even stand as a spectator, yesterday was one of my not so good days. So today I rested, heat and ice, I feel a little better today. I’ve read some read inspirational blog posts today which helped me to refocus. I don’t know about my client’s but I know I will be back on track to the goals that were set.

So who inspires you?



It’s Race Day 🙁

Today is the GreenBrier Half-Marathon, in fact, it has been underway only a few minutes. I thought I might go and be a spectator but even today I was hurting and I know I wouldn’t be able to stand to wait for people to even finish the 5k. The funny thing is there was a part of me that thought I could possibly do the 5k even walk it and not do the half-marathon. I know, I have no idea what I was thinking I can barely walk through the grocery store without the need to stop and lean for a moment. You, runners, know when the running bug hits you I think something changes in your brain and you’ll do anything to get that medal, and this one was so nice! Anyway, my friend Barbara, who is running the half, is getting my bag/shirt for me today. I’m so bummed I can’t even begin to explain. The Genesis Running Program will begin its training for the

The Genesis Running Program will begin its training for the Charleston Distance Run 15 miler in September. It’s called America’s 15 Miler; It’s America’s only 15 Mile Race which is so cool for our State. Anyway, I’m totally bummed I won’t be able to train for it; but there’s part of me that is tempted to try. Seriously I’ve really thought about it.

My physical therapy has been scheduled for June 1st. The injections have been scheduled yet, waiting for authorization from the insurance. I had to pick up the disk for my MRI to take to my Dr. next week; they also gave me the report as well, I had no idea they would do that (why would they do that, have they met me?). Anyway, it seems as if nothing was found, “MRI was unremarkable”. I almost started to cry, well actually I did. Not that I really want something to be wrong I want to know why I’m having this pain. I mean two weeks ago I literally could not move and had to miss two days of work; I’m not making this up. Even as I type this I’m sitting on the heating pad and it’s 8:10 am.  This is real.

Good luck to all those running in the Greenbrier Half-Marathon, 5k, and 10k today!


I Miss Running

I had dinner with two of my close friends this evening we call it The Ladies of The Round Table. Susan of course is one of them and our friend Ashley whom I met through Susan is the other. I’ve had some things on my mind the last few weeks that I haven’t talked about with anyone including them. It’s been awhile since the Ladies of The Round Table had gotten together so I called a meeting. We met at Pies and Pints, had appetizers, they had wine and beer, I only and water with lemon I wasn’t feeling any alcohol tonight. We each ordered our pizza, I had the Margherita pizza, delicious!! (Sorry no pictures) We caught up on what was going with each other work, family, back issues, the new Wonder Woman movie (can’t wait!), steer clear of politics (HA!!!!) but we ate and laughed it was a nice evening but I didn’t talk about what had been on my mind. I couldn’t bring it up. Not exactly sure why. What I did realize is how much I miss running. I did another yoga class last night it helped but this time I was just a little sore. Which could just be from my body getting use to movement again. But when I ran I could clear my head, sort things out, process stuff. Now that the weather is nice I’m really missing running a lot. It also doesn’t help I’m getting the count down emails to the Greenbrier Half-Marathon on May 20th which I registered for in the fall, that I’m obviously not going to be participating.

The long and the short of it I miss running…

Ineed to run

No News is Good News…I Think

I had my appointment with the neurosurgeon today my wing women Susan was with me, like I said before she’s just fabulous. She went in with me to see the doctor, Dr. Schmidt, who by the way is just the coolest, laid back, straight forward dude. Susan took notes the whole time. Anyway, when we got back in the room, one of Dr. Schmidt’s assistants came in to talk to me first while he was reading the MRI disk. I can’t remember her name but I think she was a Nurse Practitioner, I think I blocked on her name because when she came in she spoke to me in that ridiculous high pitched voice, with her eyes really wide as if I was six years old. Why do people do that?! I came so close to asking her “why are talking to me like that?” but I didn’t because I didn’t want to come off rude or be labeled a “difficult patient”. Susan noticed it too and it’s a pet peeve of both of ours. Honestly that drives me crazy I don’t even it think it’s appropriate to talk to a six year old like that. Susan said “you know when a 70 year old comes in there she does the same thing”.

Anyway, she did an examination asked some questions (😡) told me she noticed pretty much what everyone had noticed, weakness on the left side, poor flexibility on the left side and of course the pain in my lower back. She poked me in my back which irritated my pain..blah! So Dr. Schmidt comes in, he’s an older gentlemen and he hops (literally) up on the examination table and starts his speech. You know there is good news, he says, he had looked at my pictures from my MRI and my spine looked okay, said some things that happen with age (whatever) but he didn’t see any bulging disks or anything like that; he said my spine looked fine and I would not need surgery (great!). He said however, “we still don’t know what’s wrong with you and why you are having this pain in your back an down your leg”. Long story short, he is going to refer me back to my neurologist for an EMG, no idea what that is, I’ve not been on Dr. Google, but apparently it has something to do with checking the nerves. He is also going to refer me to pain management, which he could tell by my reaction I didn’t want. He then said those are the experts who can handle this; to which I said I don’t want to manage the pain, I want this resolved. I almost broke down in tears, instead I became frustrated.

I asked if I could run or exercise, he told me as far as my back was concerned he thought it was safe, he saw no problems. I told him if I stand too long I start to hurt so how on earth can I do that? He didn’t have an answer. I’ve been so frustrated and preoccupied with this today it took me awhile before I could form the words to write this post. I don’t know what do, even as I write this I’m hurting. There were some folks who were texting me today to find out how it went, and I was getting crap back like “maybe they will start you on Lyrica” or “is it fibromyalgia”. Really people?? I don’t want medicine! Not that I’m putting medicine down, but we live in culture that is so pill dependent, have you watched TV lately? Every other commercial is about some medication..and I want to know what’s up not mask it!

So I think I will look into this new place that does aerial yoga called Yoga Power. You can get a week free to try it out so I have nothing to lose; who knows it may help. Susan thought that was a good idea too. My left side is still weak and the longer this goes on the weaker it will get; that can’t be good. I can’t keep waiting for the doctors. Or maybe I need to go somewhere else like Cleveland Clinic. I’m already going to miss the half-marathon next month and I’ve already registered for one in the fall I don’t want to miss that one too; not to mention all the 5k’s going on right now. I miss all of that as well as the people I’ve met in the running community.

That’s the update. My apologizes for it not being as positive as I usually try to keep my post I’m in the middle of a moment but it will pass.


The Verdict Is In…

Today I finally saw a doctor about my knee and leg. It seems I have damaged my meniscus in my left knee. When the doctor was examining me she immediately noticed my knee was swollen. So she recommended that I start icing it four times a day, get an x-ray so they can have some images of it, start physical therapy, and she gave me a prescription for a gel called Voltaren to use four times a day as well. She also told me to get one of those knee brace things from Wal-Mart or some place to help when I’m standing, because I haven’t been able to stand for long periods of time without it starting to hurt. I had the x-ray done today and I start seeing the physical therapist on Monday. She also scheduled an appointment with an ortho about 6-8 weeks out just in case. The down side to all of this is I won’t be able to run the The Greenbrier Half-Marathon in May that I registered for 😦 total bummer! That shirt and medal were so cool…plus I would have gotten to stay one night at Greenbrier.

In the big scheme of things this is just a small setback, a moment in time, that I know will pass. Running has become my meditation, my space to step away from the stresses of the day and chill. I didn’t realize how much I used it until I couldn’t. So if I do as I’m told I should be back out there soon. I’ll keep you posted on my progress as it goes along 🙂

Oh I decided to change themes for a something a little different and lighter 🙂