First solo run

Today I did my first solo run since the group practice on Tuesday. Sara and Kristen from the group text me this morning and they have completed their first one as well. It’s cool to have the check ins with people from the group, the encouragement and motivation is helpful. We also received our midweek message from Matt our coach today too, with nutrition tips and how to take care of sore calves and shins.

Here's a screen shot from the Map My Run App..I'm a little slow but hey it's my second day and I'm keeping my expectations in check!
Here’s a screen shot from the Map My Run App..I’m a little slow but hey it’s my second day and I’m keeping my expectations in check!

First observation running outside is much different from running on a treadmill! So I will be outside as much as possible to have a better feel for what it will be like on race day. I waited until the evening to run it was a nice 90 degree day today…Whew! Too hot to run earlier today; besides I had some errands to run anyway. As i said in a previous blog, I couldn’t find anyone to do this with me, so I hadn’t told anyone that I had actually signed up and started. But I decided to go ahead and tell some of my friends what I was doing and they are all pretty excited and cheering me on. I think if I hadn’t it would have been too easy to not finish and no one would be the wiser because no one would have known. So now there are people who can hold me accountable with the question “how’s the running going?” and I will have to answer, and I don’t lie well. And it would be so easy to stay on the couch, I mean who doesn’t love a USA Law and Order SVU Marathon? Of course it would be great if my friends were actually doing this with me…but C’est la vie.  Tomorrow my second solo run…or maybe Sunday 🙂

One small step for me…one stride toward race day….

Today was the first day of the Genesis 5k training program! There was a big crowd of all types of people, male, female, beginners, alumni, those in shape and out of shape. But the one thing all had in common was everyone was excited to be there; and some were actually nervous it’s quite an endeavor that we are about to take on but the coach Matt Young was encouraging and thrilled to see everyone there.

The group gathering at check in getting ready to start.
The group gathering at check in getting ready to start day one of the program.
Matt telling the us what to expect and giving some running tips. He hopes we all cross the finish line July 3rd.
Matt telling the us what to expect and giving some running tips. He hopes we all cross the finish line July 3rd.

I have to admit I didn’t know what to expect. I’m doing this solo I couldn’t find a friend who was available to do this with me. But I quickly met two ladies there one who had completed the program previously and the other this was her first time as well. We exchanged numbers so to hold each other accountable during the off days when we are to train on our own. The down side is I wasn’t able to get any of the ladies at the sober house that I work with to participate. They were not interested 😦 I’m really sad about this but we have to expect this sometime with people in early recovery.

So we begin week one with a 5 minute walk warm up and then we do 60 seconds of running followed by 90 seconds of walking and we do this for 8 rounds. We are to do this two more days this week on our own.  That’s week one.  I had already started the couch to 5k app on my phone and gotten to week three so I may just keep that up on my days I train on my own. So we are now officially headed to July 3rd race day. I’m pumped and ready..and have my eyes on the finish line.

First 5k

I signed up for a nine week training program to get prepared to run my first 5k in July the Independence Day 5k. The program is with the Genesis 5k Training Program ( The coach is Matt Young.  We start on May 5th with group training. I have wanted to do his program for some time and for one reason or another haven’t i been able to do it; but this time I have paid the fee so I’m in! It will be good to have other people to run and train with to keep me motivated and accountable to stay on track. I have been doing the couch to 5k app on my phone in recent weeks but this program will definitely take it up a notch. I’ve watched Matt’s videos on YouTube of previous training groups, all ages, sizes and they all seem to be so excited once they cross the finish line..and Matt cheering them on the whole way. That’s my goal to cross that finish line. I would also like to see some of the women that I work with in early recovery join me in this journey so they can see the benefits of fitness on their health, recovery and overall self-esteem. Fingers crossed that at least one of them will get with the program…updates to come…

First Post

This my first post of my first blog and I have a lot to learn. I still have to put the theme of the page together and see how all this works. I thought I would see what it would be like to blog about my experience preparing to run my first 5k race some time this spring or summer.  I’ve wanted to do this for the last few years and I’m just now taking it seriously. I have several friends who have taken up running in recent years and not only do they look great; they seem to be having a lot of fun not to mention the sense of accomplishment when they cross the finish line. My friend Rita started out with 5k’s now she’s running full marathons, which I think is just awesome. I don’t have Facebook, (got rid of that many years ago) so this would be my way of documenting my progress or whatever may come of it. Tammi