Two Year Running Anniversary

Today is the Firecracker 5k here in Charleston (WV) two years ago that was my very first 5k; my first official race. It’s been two years since I started the sport of running. As most of you who have been reading this blog know, the last time I ran was December 17, 2016, which was the Jingle Bell 5k. Its been a long day today my grandmother was in the ER all night (she’s fine) but during the long wait, I remembered the Firecracker 5k was today. I thought that was my very first race; here is the post about that day (Race Day). It was a rainy day and I was one of those people that swore I would never run “in the elements” but not only was our last practice run in the rain but race day itself was in the rain. Never say never right. There are two things that stand out the most to me about that day, well, three, the first is being really nervous the day of the race. I had no idea how I would do, it was raining, and I didn’t want to finish last. The second thing I remember is during the turn around the rain stopped, the sun came out and the way it parted the sky it seemed like it was a sign that I could finish that race. I had about a mile and a half to go and I kept telling myself if I can get to the end of this block I’ll be okay, that was my mantra for the rest of that race. The third thing I remember about the race is just as I crossed the finish line I had no idea they would call my name as I crossed, that was cool, but the moment I crossed I remember a feeling that was almost indescribable. I couldn’t stop smiling, I was also impressed with my time 48 minutes, in the rain!

I felt so high, in that moment, I knew I was going to be okay. You see I started the running program for several reasons one of which was to regain my self-confidence. I had been through a difficult experience and doing this running program was part of helping me work through it. I learned through the program it wasn’t about just the running it was more than that; it was about who I was as a person. I think that is why I miss it so much now. I get/got a lot from running. It was after that race I decided to start working on my doctorate degree, another goal 😊, Of course, a year after this 5k I thought I would see if could complete a half-marathon. Never in my life would I think I could do 13.1miles; this became a big challenge with an injury. But I did it and that milestone became one of the biggest accomplishments of my life.

On my two year running anniversary I have “a long way to go” as my physical therapist said to me before I can be back out there again (hopefully next spring) I wish you all great running, great races, and never give up on your goals. 😊


Summing up 2015

2015 was an interesting year. It started out in not the best way with a carry over from 2014 with the ending of a relationship (or whatever that was), leaving me feeling not so great about myself. So in April I signed up for a 5k training program called the Genesis 5k Program-Summer edition (  This program would prepare people for the Firecracker 5k that was going to be on July 3, 2015. It was a nine week training program that started on May 5th. I had wanted to do a 5k for some time and for some reason this felt like the right time to do it. So I started the program, by myself, I couldn’t find anyone to do it with me. I started this blog to hold me accountable. In addition to the running program, I also doing some other personal work as well, it was all part of the process.

I remember the first day of practice and we had to run for 60 seconds and I thought to myself “this is the longest 60 seconds ever!” But the weeks passed and there were days I had to make myself go, however, I could see the progress being made.  July 3rd came and it was race day and a rainy no less. I had declared that I was not going to be one of those who didn’t go out in the elements, but if you want to get what you want, you have to do what you have to do. On race day I had never been so nervous, I couldn’t believe I was there and about to run my first race.  But I was, I did and in the rain, in 48 minutes.  The feeling I had crossing the finish line was indescribable.

wpid-20150703_185509.jpeg I realized then it more than just about completing the program, the race, or the goal I had set. I had my confidence back and I was feeling good about myself again, and the weight loss, well that was a bonus!

I went on to complete two more 5k’s. One on Thanksgiving; the Hot Diggity Dog Thanksgiving 5k. I took seven minutes off my first race time and received my first finishers medal.  I couldn’t believe the difference between July and November.

The next week I ran the Jingle Bell 5k and took an additional two minutes off, my best PR to date!


In the middle of all this, I started back to school in August to begin a counseling psychology doctorate program and in September I was offered a new job with a new company.  So what started out as a slow, sluggish year, ended in a most positive way. From couch potato to completing three 5k’s, starting a doctoral program and a new job, it’s amazing how things can turn around if you are willing to do the work.

Here’s to 2016.