Brand New Game Plan

After three doctors, two MRI’s, an EMT the verdict is still not very clear but the long and short of it all is I have a little arthritis in my spine and a pinched nerve. It could get worse, maybe not. That is was my neurologist told me on Friday. I wasn’t very happy with what he told me because he kept referencing my age, which I think is complete BS. He knows I want to be able to get back in the game and we both actually joked if someone else had heard this news, they would be off to the social security office to collect disability 🤣 it’s true! Anyway, the neurologist knew I was upset, he told me about some of his issues, and that he still runs but stops when it becomes uncomfortable. He also said to do what the pain doctor told me to do, the physical therapy and possibly pool exercise to build the muscle in my left leg. The injections have not been scheduled yet pending the approval from the insurance company.

So I had my moment about the news. In retrospect, compared to other people and other issues it’s not bad. I still had both legs, to stand on and use. People have overcome much worse than this and have done incredible things. Venus Willimas is playing in the French Open and had to sit out of tennis for a year because of an illness, now she is back getting some serious butt. So I can do this, I was being seriously impatient and frustrated, so I started doing my own research about running with a pinched nerve and arthritis in the spine. Physical therapy seems to work best for it. Once I start that I will see what other exercises I can do while I’m doing PT. I also looked at getting a bike, already picked one out but I’m going to ask the physical therapist if I can do this before I make that investment.

I also have to work on my diet vegetables are antiinflammatories but I’m picky about the ones I eat. So I’ll have to increase the ones I do like to be sure I’m getting enough. This can help to decrease the pain. From what I’ve been reading that’s why many who have back pain or chronic pain either go vegetarian or vegan it helps significantly decrease if not eliminate their pain.

That’s the new game plan with adjustments to be made as needed. My physical therapy starts June 1st. I guess I’ll need some new tunes for my playlist you know powerful yet motivational Rocky type stuff that will get me up those steps. Any suggestions are welcome.

31 Day Blog Challenge: 10 Favorite Foods

Favorite foods this blog challenge keeps getting interesting so here is a list of my ten favorite foods in no particular order:

  1. Chips and salsa. I could make a meal out of chips and salsa! I could eat Mexican a few times a week; that’s how much I love it. My favorite place to go is Mi Cocina de Amor  the best Mexican restaurant in town, in my opinion, with the best chips and salsa..yum!
  2. French ’em.
  3. Fresh baked bread..I switched to wheat bread years ago..but every once in awhile I gotta have hot fresh baked bread with butter.
  4. My chicken Alfredo..I can make a mean homemade Alfredo sauce
  5. My grandmothers sugar plum pudding…she only makes this at the holidays. Since she is 92 she has someone else make it under her supervision. It is too die for! I have to confess I tried to make it; mine does not turn out as good as hers even under her supervision. Bummer. I also don’t eat as much of it as I used to because it’s so rich. Sacrifices come with lifestyle changes.
  6. Strawberry ice cream
  7. A good prime rib
  8. It’s not quite a favorite but I’m learning to like it since I started making food changes..fresh salmon. I’ve learned how to fix it so that it doesn’t taste bad 🙂
  9. Baked sweet potatoes the way my grandmother fixes them..the best!
  10. I know a there are many who don’t like hot dogs…but there is nothing like a West Virginia hot dog.

I’ve made a lot of changes in my diet since I started running and for other health reasons as well. Moderation is key as well as portion size; I’ve been able to do this particularly during the holidays. I haven’t had the large helping size plate the last few holiday seasons I usually have a small plate with small portions. To which my grandmother always says “did you get enough to eat?” She’s from the old school and worries about everyone eating; of course she’s 92 and has lived through more than I will ever know or experience so I get it.

Bad eating equals sluggish run

It was a short run today 45 minutes. It was a good day for a run about 80 or so degrees and no humidity! Yeah! Which is great compared to the weather we have been having lately. Whew..But the issue today was bad eating…I ate terribly yesterday and I paid for it today. I felt heavy when I ran today. Just a like a child who doesn’t listen to their parents I knew better and I had to take the consequences for it. My body has gotten used to a different way of eating; not that I’m always on point with my diet but I don’t eat a lot of heavy junk like I used to back in the day; but yesterday was a different story and my body let me know it!

Enter in excuses…..I was having a stressful day, school was tap dancing on my nerves, I was a little annoyed at work, and I have a new medical diagnosis that I know will require a total change in how I eat all together—gluten free—That will be a lifestyle change. Not that I can’t do it; everything just came down at once. End of excuses…So I ate badly yesterday and it had an impact on how I ran today. Everything I have read speaks to eating clean and the affects it can have on your workouts, training, running, etc., welp it’s true.

Lessoned learned….happy running and clean eating…😀